QuietGrowth introduces multi-risk portfolios

Dilip Sankarreddy

Dilip Sankarreddy

Automated investment adviser QuietGrowth has added a multiple-risk portfolio feature to its online platform and also launched a mobile app for clients.

QuietGrowth CEO, Dilip Sankarreddy, said: “Market feedback and best practice among automated investment advisers globally has shown that investors prefer to have multiple risk portfolios.

“In reality, investors don’t apply the same set of risk-return expectations to their entire pool of savings. Instead, they allocate their savings towards different goals or objectives, with different risk-return expectations. Saving for retirement, your child’s education, a house or a holiday are all very different objectives. It makes sense, therefore, that investors should be able to choose portfolios for different levels of risk,” said Sankarreddy.

QuietGrowth has introduced the ability for investors to allocate portions of their savings towards portoflios with different risk levels. Investors using the QuietGrowth platform will be able to add portfolios with risk tolerances that are equal or lower than what is advised by QuietGrowth in its Statement of Advice. The user-friendly QuietGrowth interface, which also now includes a mobile app, shows investors the performance and other details for each of the portfolios with varying risks that a client has.

“This feature demonstrates QuietGrowth’s efforts to provide investors and financial advisers a meaningful goal-based investment platform with the flexibility to tailor investment portfolio towards particular needs,” said Sankarreddy.

In the past month QuietGrowth has also launched a mobile application, making it one of the first Australian based automated investment advisers to offer clients the benefit of accessing their portfolios on their mobile phones.

“We had strong feedback from our client base that a mobile application was high on the list of priorities, investors want access to their portfolios when and where it suits them, and we’re delighted to be leading the industry in terms of our mobile application for iOS and Android phones,” said Krupakar Chinnasani, Director of QuietGrowth.

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