Christopher’s Housing Boom and Bust Report 2019

Louis Christopher


Massive though it is, the property market isn’t a monolith – it’s a seething mass of individuals all trying to make their mark and make money from one of the most talked about assets there is. And whether you want to get into the property market, hate the property market or are already up to your neck in it, you’ll know that any notable movement in the market can cause a major shakeout and affect the rest of the economy.

As part of the annual Boom & Bust Report for 2019, SQM Research will present a list of the real movers and shakers in the Australian housing market. These Top Ten people listed can impact either the demand for or supply of property or direction and sentiment in the market. These are the people we at SQM listen very closely to.

These influential individuals who have moved housing prices in 2018 and may well move them again in 2019 are listed below. In our 2019 Boom & Bust Report we will cover off what they could do next and how it will impact the property market.

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