The definitive guide to selling your business

Quinn M&A

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Quinn M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions) is proud to offer the debut work from directors Stephen Groves and Michael Quinn “The Definitive Guide to Selling Your Business.”

This first of its kind eBook, by leading mergers and acquisitions specialists Quinn M&A, provides an informative look into how company owners and operators can prepare, plan and execute the successful sale of their business.

It breaks down the process of selling a business into 10 easy to digest topic areas such as:
- What is succession planning?
- What is your business worth?
- How to set a sale price
- Due diligence
- Creating competitive tension
- Why confidentiality is a must
- Managing buyer expectations
- How to manage the emotional aspect of selling a business & more.

Each section provides the reader with an overview of what they need to know and what some of the commonly made mistakes are, as well as addressing some of the most frequently asked questions from business owners & operators.

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