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The Inside Network Equities and Growth Assets Symposium – Adelaide

May 17 2022 - 8:00 am
May 17 2022 - 5:00 pm
Free for members
SkyCity, Adelaide
North Terrace, Adelaide, QLD, Australia, 5001

The symposium will include assessment of the macro-economic outlook, particularly the changing roles of monetary, fiscal and social policy. The purpose is to identify emerging investment opportunities and secular trends in domestic and global equity markets. Alternative options including unlisted equity, infrastructure, property and other unique strategies will be a key focus area. The sessions aim to deliver implementable ideas that guide portfolio construction, risk management and asset allocation decisions. The symposium will specifically focus on bringing differentiated and high-conviction investment ideas to delegates, challenging consensus views and testing investment theses.

We envisage a robust discussion on:

  • The K economic recovery. The divergence between countries and industries has become even more obvious post pandemic. How will inflation, labour markets and interest rates affect growth assets over the next two-to-three years?
  • The intersection of equity markets and economic momentum is no longer a given. There is a clear differentiation between companies that rely on economic activity and those where the focus is on a changing society.
  • Transformation is the name of the game. Online consumption is normalized, cloud computing is big business, decarbonization is well underway. What are the auxiliary investments to these trends that are less obvious?
  • Listed long-only equity dominates portfolios. What other options are there that offer growth, and how can the risk and correlations-to-equity in unlisted assets be properly assessed?

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