Free Guide: SMSF Income AND Security

Australian Corporate Bond Company

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The perfect tool to share with your SMSF clients.

Many SMSF investors are missing out on the opportunity to optimise the secure component of their portfolio because of their over-allocation to cash and term deposits. This free guide shows them how to access new opportunities to strike the right balance between security, income and growth to ensure their SMSF meets their goals both pre- and in retirement. It's a great way to introduce your SMSF clients to corporate bonds. Share the link below with your clients, so they can download their own copy.

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SuiteBox, is in the business of client engagement. Specifically, SuiteBox facilitates personal engagement and relationship development for businesses that require high levels of client interaction with maximum efficiency, minimised business risk and enhanced customer satisfaction.

SuiteBox transforms customer interaction with intuitive video and telephony, document collaboration, selective recording and real-time signing, helping you accelerate and close business using the full power of mobile and desktop devices. At the center of the offering is the SuiteBox heartbeat - a unique patented capability which allows participants to collectively review, edit and grant control over digital documents, and to sign on-screen with embedded authentication paving the way for truly electronic business process management and regimented compliance. From within your CRM, you can organize and initiate secure video meetings, share digital assets such as documents, video, photos and web information and electronically sign documents, regardless of what device you are using.

Now you can truly engage your customers in the business conversation, you save time and improve results.

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Sue Viskovic

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Sue Viskovic, Managing Director of Elixir Consulting is the pre-eminent expert in pricing financial advice, with over a decade of experience in coaching advisers and researching adviser pricing models across Australia. For the past two years, Sue has turned her lens on the specific challenge of pricing insurance advice with the intent to inform and empower advisers to successfully deliver an incredibly valuable risk service proposition and continue to build a profitable business.

This book reveals a step-by-step process you can follow to value and price your services and build a profitable business advising clients on their personal risk needs, with or without commissions. Written for anyone who provides advice on risk insurance, including both specialist risk advisers and financial advisers it includes adviser case studies to provide clarity and some great ideas to pursue.

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Step Up

Michelle Gibbings

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One of the challenges confronting technical people in organisations is how to best enhance their skills so they can secure greater influence and promotion into senior roles. Organisations today are complex to navigate and challenging to succeed in. If you want to grow your career you need to be able gain greater traction at work and make progress. In short, you need the capability to influence. Step Up provides practical ideas and techniques to be able to do just that!

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Successful Recruitment

Peter Dawson with Susan Rochester

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‘Successful Recruitment' provides practical advice to help you undertake a successful recruitment campaign and includes a bonus recruitment toolkit designed to help guide you through the process and keep you on track while avoiding the costly pitfalls.

If you approach recruitment as you would any other business decision, making an assessment based on the most effective means of delivering the best fit candidate, then you are positioning yourself for success. However, if you don’t take the time to plan a detailed recruitment strategy then you are setting yourself up to fail.

Whether you choose to DIY or work with a recruitment firm by following the guidelines that are outlined in 'Successful Recruitment' you will increase your chance of securing your new employee and escape the many pitfalls that present themselves in every recruitment program.

'Successful Recruitment' is based on the experiences of a former executive who has worked over the last 11 years as an executive search consultant with input provided by a senior human resources consultant with extensive experience across all areas of people management.

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