Live Your Dream Life

Work/life balance

Live Your Dream Life is a discovery across 11 key life areas, that at its core examines the question "how much time do you spend nuturing what it is that makes you, you".... Read more

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Christopher’s Housing Boom and Bust Report 2019


As part of the annual Boom & Bust Report for 2019, SQM Research will present a list of the real movers and shakers in the Australian housing market. These Top Ten people listed can impact either the demand for or supply of property or direction and sentiment in the market. These are the people we at SQM listen very closely to.... Read more

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Household Capital retirement funding provider

Financial Services

Household Capital is a specialist retirement funding provider. We have brought together industry experts from a wide range of fields to help solve Australia’s retirement funding challenge and provide responsible long-term access to home equity to meet the needs of an ageing population.... Read more

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Client engagement

SuiteBox, is in the business of client engagement. Specifically, SuiteBox facilitates personal engagement and relationship development for businesses that require high levels of client interaction with maximum efficiency, minimised business risk and enhanced customer satisfaction.... Read more

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