Live Your Dream Life

Work/life balance

Live Your Dream Life is a discovery across 11 key life areas, that at its core examines the question "how much time do you spend nuturing what it is that makes you, you".... Read more

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Christopher’s Housing Boom and Bust Report 2019


As part of the annual Boom & Bust Report for 2019, SQM Research will present a list of the real movers and shakers in the Australian housing market. These Top Ten people listed can impact either the demand for or supply of property or direction and sentiment in the market. These are the people we at SQM listen very closely to.... Read more

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The definitive guide to selling your business

Best practice

This first of its kind eBook, by leading mergers and acquisitions specialists Quinn M&A, provides an informative look into how company owners and operators can prepare, plan and execute the successful sale of their business.... Read more

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More Than Money – A Rockstar Guide To Finance


In a world that is littered with financial books, award-winning Australian financial commentator Patrick Canion shares his personal ‘warts and all’ experience and relationship with money. Patrick wasn’t born into wealth and wasn’t an overnight success story. ... Read more

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Adviser Pricing Models 4th Edition Research Report


The fourth edition in a decade of our pricing research is now available, and contains in-depth information collated from 320 advice businesses, about how they charge for their advice in the 2017 financial year.... Read more

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Worth paying for

Client engagement

Sue Viskovic, Managing Director of Elixir Consulting is the pre-eminent expert in pricing financial advice, with over a decade of experience in coaching advisers and researching adviser pricing models across Australia. For the past two years, Sue has turned her lens on the specific challenge of pricing insurance advice with the intent to inform and empower advisers to successfully deliver an incredibly valuable risk service proposition and continue to build a profitable business. ... Read more

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Step Up

Best practice

One of the challenges confronting technical people in organisations is how to best enhance their skills so they can secure greater influence and promotion into senior roles. Organisations today are complex to navigate and challenging to succeed in. If you want to grow your career you need to be able gain greater traction at work and make progress. In short, you need the capability to influence. Step Up provides practical ideas and techniques to be able to do just that!... Read more

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Successful Recruitment

Best practice

‘Successful Recruitment' provides practical advice to help you undertake a successful recruitment campaign and includes a bonus recruitment toolkit designed to help guide you through the process and keep you on track while avoiding the costly pitfalls.... Read more

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