Household Capital retirement funding provider

Financial Services

Household Capital is a specialist retirement funding provider. We have brought together industry experts from a wide range of fields to help solve Australia’s retirement funding challenge.

We provide responsible long term access to home equity to meet the needs of an ageing population. This can improve retirement lifestyles by topping up superannuation, enhancing retirement income and improving retirement housing. Home equity can also be used to fund in-home care and support the transition to aged care. Our approach also enables the transfer of home equity between generations to fund first-home buyers deposits and educational expenses.

Household Capital has expanded access to home equity by innovating to improve the customer experience, build aligned distribution partnerships and establish new sources of finance.

We work with a range of financial advice specialists to provide retirees with the best of both worlds – to continue living in the family home while drawing an income that enables them to Live Well At Home.

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