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Aberdeen Standard Investments announces partnership with The Australian National University, reflecting strength in ESG integration

Aberdeen Standard Investments has announced a new partnership with The Australian National University (ANU), in which they will manage an Australian Fixed Income strategy with an emphasis on ESG. ANU Endowment Fund has selected Aberdeen Standard Investments to manage a strategy that invests in active Australian Fixed Income with an ESG overlay - ...

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Growth Farms offers investors a slice of Australian farmland

Specialist agricultural asset manager Growth Farms Australia has launched an innovative investment trust, the Australian Agricultural Lease Fund, that will buy agricultural land and lease it to primary producers. Farm leasing is a well-established model in the US and other markets, and Growth Farms Australia believes it has strong potential in ...

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Financial advisers seek growth post February volatility

Financial advisers have refocused their recommendations and research on growth strategies following market volatility in February with property, infrastructure and multi-asset strategies particularly in favour. The renewed focus on growth options follows a dash for cash in the first weeks of February after global markets dropped. These are just some of ...

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The popular choice for new SMSFs: A corporate trustee

A fundamental question for intending SMSF members is whether to have a corporate trustee or individual trustees for their new fund. More than 80 per cent of new SMSFs established in 2016-17 had a corporate trustee whereas 57 per cent of all SMSFs had a corporate trustee as at June last ...

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The beauty of a benchmark unaware approach

Investors in Australian equities are often reminded of the concentration risk of the Australian market, with the Big Four banks and resources companies accounting for a large proportion of the market. If we look at the composition of the S&P/ASX 20 Index as at 1 January 2018, 9 companies in the ...

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Investment stewardship for positive societal impact

In recent years, the growth of investor interest in sustainable investing has been remarkable. Calvert has produced a research paper (in collaboration with George Serafeim, Jakurski Family Associate Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School) on environmental, social and governance (ESG) titled Investment Stewardship for Positive Societal Impact which shows that by ...

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