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Managers Corner

10 reasons ESG investing is growing

According to the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance, over $22 trillion of assets were managed under responsible investment strategies globally in 2016, up 25% from two years before. This is one of many statistics showing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing moving into the mainstream. We see 10 major trends contributing to ...

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New bond issuance: The active management advantage

New equity offerings can garner media buzz. Think of recent initial public offerings (IPOs) by Snapchat, Alibaba and Visa. Business media enthuse, investors clamor, and share prices often rise, at least initially. The fixed income market equivalent – new bonds coming to market – seldom makes headlines. But new bond issuance ...

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Managing through the uncertainty and noise

The most notable aspect of market behaviour in May was the rally in key sovereign bond markets matched by gains in key equity markets. Australian equities were the exception with weaker commodity prices impacting resources, while banking stocks were hit by the politics of the Bank Levy in the May ...

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Managing money and the art of communication

In our experience as investment managers, a fundamental shortcoming we often see is poor ongoing communication between managers and financial advisers. Financial advisers are the life blood of investment managers everywhere. You manage the ultimate client relationship, filter information, navigate personalities and ensure that any investment meets your client’s needs. Without ...

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Fujiyoshida, Japan - April 16, 2015: Chureito Pagoda presents a great view of Mount Fuji with red pagoda in cherry blossom season

Japan in motion: What does the future hold?

We often read that Abenomics continues to divide people as to whether it is working, and if this policy platform advocated strongly by Prime Minister Abe since his election in 2012 will ever achieve its objective of moving Japan’s economy forward. We believe that Abenomics is working, however we feel that ...

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AMP Capital launches new Global Equity Fund

AMP Capital has launched its new Global Equity Fund, which aims to deliver double-digit annualised absolute returns across a market cycle, with lower volatility than equity markets. The AMP Capital Global Equity Fund is long-only and is the inaugural fund in AMP Capital's new global equities range. The fund will focus on ...

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