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  • CPD: The important role of trust in ethics and financial advice

    Recent research shows trust in financial advisers has risen in Australia…however, 58 percent of prospective clients lack trust in advice. This article, proudly sponsored by GSFM, explores the inextricable links between trust and ethical practice in providing financial advice. The Oxford dictionary defines trust as: “The belief that somebody/something is good, sincere, honest, etc. and will not try to harm or trick you.” Not only does that definition encapsulate all [...]

  • CPD: Ethics – It’s not all black or white

    The financial adviser Code of Ethics seeks to impose ethical duties that go above the requirements of the law. While those laws may be clear, anything open to subjective interpretation can be prone to ‘grey’ areas – unfortunately, not everything is black and white or clear cut. In this article, proudly sponsored by GSFM, those grey areas are explored in the context of ethics and financial advice. It would be [...]

AdviserVoice/Zurich Risk CPD

  • CPD: Risk advice - An 8-point guide to better field underwriting and better client outcomes

    Field underwriting leads to better customer outcomes Field underwriting, in simple terms, is the information gathering and screening of risk advice clients, done by a financial adviser before an application is submitted to the life insurer’s own underwriters. In a sense it is like a triage process, with several benefits: it can help the adviser narrow down the strategic options for the client (for example based on their occupation or [...]

  • CPD: Getting smarter about TPD - strategies to cut costs and avoid a claim time tax bomb

    TPD: truth, tips, and tax Total and Permanent Disablement TPD cover is one of the most misunderstood types of life insurance cover, decried by many as being complicated, too costly, and too hard to claim on. But the reality is far from the truth, and against a backdrop of the 2021 IDII changes, smart advisers are rethinking the role of TPD within a life insurance portfolio. These same advisers are [...]