All Star Funds Managing Director, Kate Mulligan Announces 3rd anniversary for Fund Manager

Kate Mulligan, Managing Director of All Star Funds has announced today the anniversary of All Star Funds and the All Star IAM Australian Share Fund, which commenced with All Star’s inception in

“Hitting the three year mark is an important milestone for All Star and for this Fund, as it provides financial advisers with a track record to support them in recommending the Fund to investors,” said Mulligan.

“This, our flagship fund has been running since July 2007, and like our other core offerings provides access to premium managers not previously accessible to the Australian retail market.” All Star Funds was conceived to provide high alpha capabilities, which would otherwise not be available to the retail market.

Portfolio manager for the All Star IAM Australian Share Fund, Greg Matthews (Independent Asset Management Pty Ltd (IAM) established in 2001), has extensive industry experience at the highest levels. Mulligan credits Matthews’ success partly in being across all aspects of the market, in order to make informed decisions.

“When we select a manager, we look for consistent out-performance, irrespective of market cycle. IAM has proven that it can do this. Managing downside risk is also important so that you can lock in the gains. Greg’s team looks at the portfolio holistically, and manages the risk as well as the return. Advisers have told us that they are delighted with the experience their clients have had as investors in the Fund.”

Matthews and his team have long-standing experience together; some of them having worked together for 20 years.

The Fund has delivered 2.6% above benchmark on an annualised basis since inception.

The Fund’s stable-mate, the All Star Income Fund fared well through the volatility of the GFC, delivering “a high yield and a strong dividend stream with complete liquidity,” said Mulligan.

As at the end of July, the Fund’s running yield is 7.3% inclusive of franking credits, which compares favourably with official interest rates of 4.5%.

This Fund is managed by Kaplan Funds Management, an absolute return manager focussed on income producing strategies, which was established in 1998.

The latest Fund to join the All Star ranks, the All Star Nomura China Fund presents a risk-controlled opportunity for investment in China. It is managed by Nomura Asset Management, a conservative manager with proven expertise in this market.

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