IRESS appointed Count’s strategic software partner


Following an extensive review of potential software solutions, Count Financial Limited (Count) has selected IRESS Market Technology Limited (IRESS) as its strategic software partner. IRESS’ wealth management platform XPLAN will replace Count’s proprietary system WealthPlanner, with implementation commencing in early 2011.

XPLAN is the leading software solution in the financial services industry, providing a comprehensive wealth management and advice platform. Count CEO, Andrew Gale, says he expects XPLAN to bring substantial productivity gains and benefits to the advice and client review process and help deal with some of the upcoming regulatory changes in the financial services industry, such as the requirement for clients to ‘opt-in’ for regular reviews. Through XPLAN, Count estimates that productivity of the advice process could increase by up to 50%.

“There were several key reasons why Count selected XPLAN,” Mr Gale says. “In particular, the comprehensiveness of functionality in advice modules, the flexibility to be configured to uniquely reflect our value proposition to clients and the wider business efficiency and CRM benefits to our network of advisers.”

As part of the software review process, technology providers presented to a Count Adviser Panel, demonstrating how their software solution would work in practice.

“It was essential that a selection of our Count Members were included in the rigorous process to select our wealth management and advice platform,” Mr Gale says. “They are uniquely placed to comment on the technology and solution required to provide efficient and valuable advice to clients. Ultimately, it was clear that XPLAN could provide the integrated and adaptive solution we were looking for.”

Andrew Walsh, Managing Director of IRESS says IRESS is delighted to be selected as a strategic partner to Count.

“At a time where advice businesses are focussed on efficiency and delivery, we believe we deliver the market leading technology that a licensee of the calibre of Count requires in order to provide exceptional advice and service solutions to advisers and their clients,” he says. “It is becoming increasingly apparent that, in relation to technology, the focus of leading dealer groups like Count has shifted,” Mr Walsh said. “Critical to their strategy is the ability to provide their advisers technology which better exploits the proprietary knowledge and unique content that already exists within the group. A truly effective advice process is just as dependent upon what the dealer group brings to the table, as it is on the software which underpins the actual process itself.”

In January 2011, XPLAN will be implemented for an initial pilot group of Count Members, with a roll out across the group to start in March 2011.

Count released its current proprietary system  “WealthPlanner” in 2000. The system will be decommissioned in December 2011.

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