Lonsec releases 2010 Multi-Manager Sector Review


Lonsec’s 2010 multi-manager universe consists of thirteen managers, of which twelve were formally researched and rated as part of this Sector Review. Multi-managers included in this review offer products across a range of asset classes, both multi-asset class and sector specific. Deanne Fuller, Senior Investment Analyst, commented, “The 12 managers reviewed map through to 146 funds and in most cases, the rating assigned to the manager applies across the various multi-manger sectors they manage.”

Of those multi-managers reviewed, four received Lonsec’s highest rating, Highly Recommended. These were Optimix, Mercer, Russell and Advance.

Key themes to emerge from the Sector Review

Dynamic asset allocation

“A number of managers introduced Dynamic Asset Allocation (DAA) in 2008-2009 to take advantage of the severe mis-pricings post the GFC,” commented Fuller.

“2010 has seen most managers wind back their DAA positions as market dislocations have abated.”

DAA is the medium-term (6-12 months or longer) tilting away from strategic asset allocation positions and there will often be long periods when no positions are taken.

“According to attribution data supplied by the managers, DAA contributed positively to the performance of the majority of multi-manager funds,” observed Fuller.

Index and enhanced index strategies in global equities

Index and enhanced index strategies have long been used in the Australian property and fixed income sectors, but this year has seen a significant increase in the use of such strategies within the global equities space.

“The key driver behind this trend is the desire to reduce the pressure on the fee budget as managers increase exposure to alternative assets. A secondary aim is to achieve consistency and diversification,” said Fuller.

“In Lonsec’s view, while the use of index and enhanced strategies will have the desired effect of reducing fees, it will also lead to a reduction in the alpha potential in this part of the portfolio.”

Alternative strategies

Alternatives continue to gather momentum, with nearly all multi-manager funds now employing a range of strategies. Managers continue to widen their search for new sources of uncorrelated return within their diversified funds.

“The average multi-manager growth fund now has a 9.2% allocation to alternatives, which is generally funded half from growth assets, half from defensive assets,” observed Fuller.

“The most commonly used alternatives include hedge funds, commodities and infrastructure.”

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