Financial Advice Community United in Support of Disabled Young Women


$10,000 grant from the financial advice community makes ‘the ultimate difference’ to two disabled young women

The Association of Financial Advisers Foundation (AFA Foundation) and Future2, the foundation of the Australian financial planning profession, have pooled their resources to support the purchase of wheelchairs for Jamie-Lee and Samantha Dwyer, sisters aged 18 and 20 years, who are suffering from Friedrich Ataxia (FA), a rare degenerative and life-shortening condition.

The grant application, which is in addition to the annual Future2 Make the Difference! Grant round, was supported by Tony Lindley, a member of the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) and a long-standing friend of the Dwyer family.

Since Jamie-Lee and Samantha were diagnosed with the condition seven years ago, their father, Mike Dwyer, who is their primary carer, has volunteered some 30 hours a week through the Friedrich Ataxia Research Association (FARA) to finding a cure..

“Both girls attend university and are positive and inspirational young ladies,” Mr Lindley says.  “But unless a cure or treatment is found soon, their future is bleak.”

Mr Lindley said lightweight manual wheelchairs will enable Jamie-Lee and Samantha to maintain some independence and greatly improve their quality of life.  “It will also take some of the financial pressure away from the family which is supporting not only their own disabled children but also others affected by the condition.”

There are some 300 FA sufferers in Australia and many more worldwide.

AFA Foundation Chair Brian Boggs and Future2 Chair Steve Helmich welcomed the collaboration between the two charitable foundations.

“More powerfully than words ever can, this grant shows that financial advisers are a concerned group of business people who willingly give back to their communities, ”Mr Boggs said.

“The AFA Foundation is delighted that Future2 trustees, recognizing the grant’s transformative effect on lives of Jamie-Lee and Samantha , decided to make a $5,000 contribution.,”

Future2 Chair, Steven Helmich said that while the grant was outside Future2’s established grants program, it will make the ultimate difference to the sisters.

“It’s all too easy for those of us who are able bodied to take our mobility for granted,” he said.  “More than that, this grant opens the way to Future2 working more closely with the AFA Foundation and members of the Association of Financial Advisers and Future2 welcome that.”

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