S&P Three-Star ‘NEW’ Rating for Glennon Capital Small Companies Portfolio

Standard & Poor’s Fund Services today assigned its three-star ‘NEW’ rating to the Glennon Capital Small Companies Portfolio, a SMA model portfolio which is managed by Glennon Capital and available on the HUB24 platform.
Glennon Capital is a recently established independent boutique firm specialising in the management of listed Australian-equity portfolios with a focus on active small-cap strategies. Michael Glennon is the key principal and lead portfolio manager.
“We consider Mr. Glennon an experienced and capable manager who has demonstrated an ability to outperform the market across more than a decade of small-cap investing. He is supported by senior analyst Jeremy McNally, and the portfolio is well managed with respect to mitigating SMA-specific risks. While we consider the team’s resourcing as adequate, it is below that of higher-rated peers,” said S&P Fund Services analyst John Huynh.
“Although we have a positive view on Mr. Glennon, the team is relatively under-resourced and lacks the depth of experience of some more established small-cap managers. This is a common characteristic of small start-up boutique managers,” said Mr. Huynh.

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