All Star Funds makes Top Ten Net Flows first time in survey


Kate Mulligan, Managing Director of All Star Funds, has announced today that All Star Funds has achieved a Top 10 ranking in the net retail flows for the March 2011 quarter (Plan For Life survey, Analysis Of Retail Managed Funds as at March 2011 – Marketer view (ex CMTs).

With a 3% share of net flows for the quarter, this is the first time that All Star Funds, which launched in July 2007, has participated in the Plan For Life survey.  The increase in net flows from the previous quarter was 56%, placing All Star Funds in 9th place overall, which is, according to Mulligan, “a great start”.

Mulligan believes that this reflects two key attributes:

  1. The high quality of investment managers in the All Star stable, which have delivered strong performance to investors, and
  2. The commitment and support of financial planners, who need to be confident in recommending investment products to their clients that the products will deliver on their value proposition.

All Star Funds was conceived to provide consistent high alpha asset management capabilities to investors which would otherwise not be available to them in the retail market.

“When we select a manager, we look for consistent out-performance, irrespective of market cycle,” said Mulligan, “for example, Greg (Matthews, portfolio manager of the All Star IAM Australian Share Fund) and his team have a long-standing track record as a top performing Australian share manager; he and some of his team have worked together for over 15 years.”

The All Star IAM Australian Share Fund has delivered in excess of 4% net above benchmark on an annualised basis since inception (performance data to end April 2011), and is ranked number one or two across most time periods in the latest Morningstar survey (Australian shares sector specialist funds, April 2011 Morningstar survey).

The Fund’s stable-mate, the All Star KFM Income Fund, has also fared well through the liquidity crisis during the GFC and recent natural disasters, according to Mulligan, “delivering a high yield and a strong dividend stream with complete liquidity”.

This Fund is managed by Kaplan Funds Management, an absolute return manager focussed on income producing strategies, which was established in 1998.

In Mulligan’s view, All Star’s success has been driven in part by its focus on supporting financial planners and also by recognising the need for Fund Managers to offer products which deliver on their promise, and so create a trusted relationship with investors and their advisers. To this end, Mulligan believes that advisers need products which deliver solid and consistent results, and deliver on their stated objectives.
“The support planners have given, and continue to give to the All Star Funds validates our manager selection process,” said Mulligan, “as long as they’re giving us that support, I know our Funds are delivering for them and for their clients.”
The All Star Nomura China Fund presents a risk-controlled opportunity for investment in China. It is managed by Nomura Asset Management, a conservative manager with proven expertise in this market.
The All Star Maple-Brown Abbott Listed Property Fund provides access to a high quality listed property capability and is the first time this capability has been offered to the Australian Retail market. The strategy has been managed by Maple-Brown Abbott for over 25 years with a consistent track record of performance delivery.
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