Recruitment advisers offer cost effective alternative


Recruitment of new staff can be one of the most time consuming and costly issues facing business owners. Traditionally, choosing how to recruit new staff has been limited to either doing it yourself or working with a recruiter.

There is a third option that can provide you with a recruitment partner at a significantly lower cost than the more traditional recruitment service.

A recruitment adviser will work with you through the recruitment process, from the design stage through to the preferred candidate accepting your offer of employment. They also offer a ‘candidate care’ service while the new employee settles into the role.

Using a recruitment adviser will suit those who may need some advice regarding sourcing candidates – such as putting together a successful advertising strategy or getting the best results from networking.

The recruitment adviser provides all the advice you will need on:

  • remuneration structures
  • employment market trends
  • the most appropriate strategy to identify relevant candidates.

When you have received applications, the recruitment adviser will review candidate CVs and help you filter them to get a short list of candidates. The recruitment adviser will then interview short-listed candidates and work with you to ensure that candidates remain engaged in the process, maintaining their interest and commitment.

Once the preferred candidate has been identified, the recruitment adviser can advise you on checking references and negotiations with the candidate.

The service doesn’t end when the preferred candidate has signed ‘on the dotted line’ as they will remain in contact with both you and your new employee in the early months to ensure a smooth transition into your business.

A recruitment adviser works on a fee for service basis, in accordance with the scope of the assignment. This generally works out to be less than half of the traditional recruitment cost.

The key to success in choosing a recruitment adviser is to ensure that they have considerable industry and recruitment experience, and can readily identify with the requirements of your business.

Hiring a new member of staff is one of the most important decisions that you can make in your business so you need to choose the most effective recruitment solution that will work best for you. Whether you feel you have the knowledge and resources to do it yourself or you’re best suited by outsourcing it to a specialist recruiter or working with a recruitment adviser that is something only you can decide.

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  • Cesar Farfan says:

    What a breath of fresh air, I always thought some recruiters got paid way too much. Fee for service, if it’s good for advisers it should be good for everyone else! A specialist recruiter who understands the industry is most certainly a viable proposition.

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