All Star Maple-Brown Abbott Listed Property Fund added to platforms


Kate Mulligan, Managing Director of All Star Funds has announced today that the All Star Maple-Brown Abbott Listed Property Fund is now available on the BT Wrap, Navigator and Netwealth platforms.

Stephen Nicholls, from Netwealth, said that the conservative approach of Maple-Brown Abbott (MBA) was a contributing factor in the decision to include the Fund on the Netwealth platform, “Particularlyat times of market volatility such as now, it is important for investors to have access to well-known managers with a solid and consistent track record,” said Nicholls, “With increasing adviser demand in this space and difficult market cycles, we sought a quality offering.”

Financial adviser, Steven Pugh, attributes the attraction of MBA’s listed property capability to the stability and experience of the team, commenting that “advisers can feel confident that their clients are in safe hands.”

Maple-Brown Abbott portfolio manager, Charles Dalziell, leads the Listed Property team managing the Fund. This capability has been part of the MBA stable for more than 24 years, but has not before been available to the public as a stand-alone capability.

 The All Star Maple-Brown Abbott Listed Property Fund was launched late last year; Mulligan is delighted with recent levels of adviser interest:
“We’re seeing renewed interest in this asset class. Maple-Brown Abbott’s conservative approach resounds with advisers, particularly in light of the impact of the GFC on this sector and recent market volatility.”

The Fund, which has a rating of “Recommended” by Zenith and “Investment Grade” by Lonsec, is currently available on the following platforms for both investments and super/pensions: IX (PIS badged platform); Mentor (PIS badged platform); BT Assemble (PIS badged platform); BT Wrap; Navigator and Netwealth.

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