Does your website benefit your ego or your business?


Over the years I’ve had plenty of advisers tell me that websites just don’t work for financial advisers and planners. When I ask them why, they’ll generally tell me about their website which cost them thousands of dollars yet hasn’t delivered a single lead.

After such an encounter, I’ll always make the effort to check out the website once I get back to the office. Invariably, I will see the same thing – websites built to impress the adviser rather than potential clients.

These websites are generally nothing more than flashy online corporate brochures. Yes, they generally look very nice, but that’s about it.
The adviser probably looks at their website for the first time, reads all about themselves and how good they are, then sits back and thinks “how could anyone not want to use my services!”

Want to know a secret?

A potential lead scanning the internet doesn’t care about how many certificates you have or how many years you’ve been in the industry for.
When they first visit your website they don’t really care about you – they care about themselves and how their needs can be fulfilled.

Does your website tell visitors how good you are, or does it tell them how they can have their needs met?  In many ways the two are connected, but the difference is in the delivery.

The potential lead will not be ready to buy when they visit your site for the first time, they will simply be looking for information. As they search around, they’ll be putting together a list, perhaps subconciously, of which sites have been helpful and which sites haven’t. If you’re not on that list, you don’t even have a shot.

Your website needs to be built with your ideal client in mind. It should be built for them, not you.

If you were looking for a new laptop, would you be interested in how many awards the salesperson had won or how impressive the company CEO was?


Instead, you’d want to know how that laptop could help your business and maybe some tips to help you choose a laptop.

So if someone is searching online for information on insurance or investment, what do you think they are looking for? I can assure you it’s not a long winded spiel about you and how special you are!

If your website is not delivering the leads you hoped it would, it’s time to step into your client’s shoes and see things from their perspective.

About Shane Moore…
Shane has been in the financial services industry for over a decade.  Since selling his own successful firm he has been working with other advisers to improve their online marketing efforts through the distribution of original and regular content.  For more information visit

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