Winston Capital Partners opens unique funds management service offer


Winston Capital Partners (Winston) has opened its doors for business, aiming to become Australia’s leading specialist funds management and third party marketing and distribution firm.

The firm has also announced a foundation alliance with Australian specialist investment management firm Select Asset Management.

Winston is led by founding partners Stephen Robertson, Nathan Wares and Andrew Fairweather. The management team brings to market a unique combination of world class financial services marketing and distribution expertise, together with seasoned funds management experience honed over a combined 60+ years.

The firm will build its presence in the Australian market based on four key pillars: funds formation, third party distribution, capital raising and specialist advisory.

“Winston fills a gap in the Australian investment management market for professional distribution, capital raising and advice services which, at their core, link best in class domestic and offshore fund managers to philosophically aligned investors,” said Winston Founding Partner, Stephen Robertson.

“Kindred to these services, Winston will also develop specialist asset management product lines which will target the growing demand for innovative alpha generation and investment capability in Australia,” Mr Fairweather said.

 Winston understands that many investment managers seek to focus on their core activity of managing investments.

By partnering with Winston, managers can focus on their passion knowing their capability is professionally delivered to investors that place a greater reliance on working with a trusted funds management provider. For international fund managers, Winston would undertake the often complex market entry tasks. By partnering with Winston, offshore managers will enjoy a successful and risk mitigated experience across the spectrum of investment and fiduciary requirements, regulatory obligations and investor needs.

Select Asset Management
Key to bringing great asset managers to investors involves assessing operational standards and the alpha generating ability of each manager or investment offer. To provide that end-to-end proposition, Winston is pleased to announce an alliance with Select Asset Management (Select).

Select brings an important element to Winston’s value proposition by providing due diligence services through its Fiduciary Service offer; manager and investment assessment through its Investment Consulting capability; and Responsible Entity and trustee services required to successfully deliver quality products to investors.

Winston and Select will now offer a complete service, covering back office, regulatory and compliance, marketing, distribution and product packaging, benefiting fund managers and investors with a convenient all-in-one solution.

Commenting on the alliance with Winston, Brendan Foley, Select’s Chief Executive Officer said: “the launch of our new product manufacturing, fiduciary and due diligence services headed by Alex Wise, combined with Winston Capital’s distribution and marketing services, delivers a compelling proposition to managers and end investors. Having also appointed Winston to represent Select in the market, ensures that our current customised portfolio solution clients will have the same level of service from Select as always. Select will also have the ability to look at new clients with Nathan and Stephen’s extensive network.”

Commenting on the establishment of Winston Capital Partners, founding partner Stephen Robertson said: “The future is bright for specialist service providers in our sector. Winston has made a great start, having secured two advisory roles to an infrastructure fund and international manager; and the third party distribution function with Select. We look forward to working with Select and the broader market moving forward.”

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