Advisers support the financially disadvantaged through smart shopping


Online shopping with a charitable outcome.

A new initiative to raise funds for the Future2 foundation is designed to encourage donations without needing to ask for cold, hard cash.

Shop for the Future is an online shopping portal for the financial planning community, where a percentage of each purchase, normally around 10%, is donated to the Future2 foundation.

“There are so many worthwhile charities, and it can be tough to hand over cash each time there is one you want to support”, says Susie Munro from Sixpence Media, the creator of the site. “This provides an alternate method to lend a helping hand.”

The site is not just for advisers, but for their clients, friends, family and centre of influence partners.

“By purchasing items that are already part of your budget, such as a bunch of flowers for a client, a new business shirt, a bottle of wine, running shoes or pair or glasses, then Future2 wins as well.”

“Of course, while this is a shopping portal, mindful and controlled spending is what we encourage. Spending for spending’s sake doesn’t do anyone any favours. You may as well just make a cash donation.”

It is also a way for advisers to initiate a conversation with their clients around charitable giving. And although the percentages may seem small, over time they add up. “If every FPA member (about 7,500), spent $100 over the course of the year, that would contribute about $75,000. Add clients and family in to the mix and you can see it doesn’t take much to have an impact. It’s about small amounts combining in volume, to make a big difference.”

Future2 Chair Steven Helmich welcomed the initiative by Sixpence Media, commenting, “Shop for the Future is a creative concept that deserves the support of the financial planning community. We wish Sixpence Media great success and look forward to spreading the word to our donors and other stakeholders.”

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