High performing fund contributes record $2 million to not-for-profits


Doing good, delivers good investment returns

Chris Cuffe

Chris Cuffe

On the milestone occasion of its five year anniversary, Third Link Growth Fund (the Fund) today announced that it has contributed over $2,000,000 since its inception to charitable causes supporting young Australians.

Speaking about the success of the Fund, which invests in Australian listed shares, Founder and Investment Manager, Chris Cuffe said that the charitable contributions, which are now in excess of $60,000 per month, place the Fund in the top 100 charitable givers in Australia.

“When I started the fund in 2008, my aim was to contribute to charity while at the same time producing strong returns for investors, so I feel particularly pleased to have achieved both of those things at the 5 year mark,” he said.

Mr Cuffe added that the focus on philanthropy means that the structure of the Fund is unique.

“All the investment and service professionals who manage the Fund waive their fees, and these fees, net of expenses, go to support the not-for-profit sector,” he said, “which means it’s a win-win all round.”

“Investment returns are not diluted, because managers forego their usual management fee, so there is no additional cost to investors,” Mr Cuffe explained. “But at the same time, I wanted the Fund to be recognised not just for its philanthropic focus but also for strong investment performance.”

“Because clearly our ability to make a significant contribution to charity depends on the ability of the Fund to perform,” he said.

And the Fund has performed. Even despite the carnage wreaked by the global financial crisis, it returned 8.8% pa compound, after fees, since inception to the end of September 2013, outperforming its benchmark by 4% pa over the same period.

The Fund contributes to charities focused on helping young Australians. These include, among others, AIME, which helps indigenous students achieve education equality, Batyr, which brings young people’s social and mental health issues out into the open and the Beacon Foundation, which helps prevent young Australians leaving secondary school from moving into unproductive or insecure pathways.

Mr Cuffe concluded by saying that the measure of a truly great society is the strength of its not-for-profit sector, often referred to as the ‘third sector’.

“If Third Link can contribute to the creation of a truly great Australia by helping our young people thrive, rather than just survive, then that will be the real measure of its success,” he said.

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