Succession planning look launch generates SME interest & appreciation


Craig West, Succession Plus Pty Ltd Founder and CEO and President of the Australian Chapter of Exit Planning Institute (EPI) officially launched his book Enjoy It-Business Succession & Exit Planning yesterday.

The project has been a long term goal of author Craig West and he confirmed it was written in response to the many business and retirement issues that SME owners are confronting as they rapidly near retirement age, especially the Baby Boomers.

Many business owners expect the sale of their business to fund their retirement, with 33% reliant on it as the primary source.  However, with so many SME owners in weak financial positions following the GFC, it is more important than ever for this group and sector to implement plans now that will extract the highest possible value from their enterprises – yet 75% do not  have an agreed succession or exit strategy!

According to Craig West business succession and exit planning has never been more complex or important than it is today as it has been estimated that over the next decade the retirement of family business owners will see the transfer of approximately $1.6 trillion in wealth thus making business succession and exit planning one of the most significant issues facing the Australian economy and the SME sector.

Commenting on the book, Craig West said it was written with a straightforward approach and in non technical language in order to make it easily comprehensible and understood by those business owners seeking to maximize their exit potential.

Enjoy It-Business Succession & Exit Planning is designed to provide a useful starting point for those business owners seeking a logical roadmap to exit and retirement, and the smart strategies required to amplify their commercial exodus options.

Craig West’s book advocates preparing early so that owners have a deeper understanding of the potential value of their business, and have the time to make positive changes to increase chances of a good sale.

Enjoy It-Business Succession & Exit Planning can be purchased online from the Succession Plus website: and Amazon:

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