The anatomy of a successful business succession and exit

Succession Plus announce an intensive one day planning conference.

Succession Plus announce an intensive one day planning conference.

Instead of the start of a New Year being an opportunity to implement a carefully considered succession and exit strategy, far too many SME owners (especially the Baby Boomers) will do so without a plan in place as they fail to understand that successful exits begin years in advance in order to derive the best outcome said Craig West, Succession Plus Pty Ltd Founder and CEO, President of the Australian Chapter of Exit Planning Institute (EPI).

Commenting further, Craig West said “Generally speaking business owners are very good in their respective industry or market niche but not particularly proficient at management and certainly not skilled at maximising the value of their venture.  In particular, they struggle to comprehend and appreciate the issues associated with succession and transition and it can also be an emotionally charged subject for them with concerns on many levels that need to be addressed.”

“However, if the business is to be a legacy retained within the family or the funding source for a life in retirement, those issues must be addressed and the appropriate strategy implemented as soon as possible.”

Disturbed by this situation, and to assist business owners to start 2014 on the right foot, Succession Plus has developed a comprehensive program for an intensive one day strategic planning conference to be held in Sydney on February 7, 2014.

The Succession Plus Conference is a free event and attendees will obtain insights on tackling succession planning and how best to effectively commence and approach the process to best meet their individual circumstances.

Conference attendees will participate in a dynamic interactive day of presentations and discussions.  In addition, the program will encourage SME attendees to network with fellow business owners, share experiences and engage with the speakers during the breaks and the networking session at the end of the day.

The program will also address improved business performance and includes a keynote presentation from former Australian Rugby Union Captain and CEO of Centric Wealth, Phil Kearns who has  himself recently managed a successful $100M+ sale.

Leading SMSF expert Grant Abbott principal of NowInfinity and author of The SMSF Strategy Guide will provide an insight into the importance of incorporating robust retirement strategies into business succession and exit goals.

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