Afiniation and Financial Services Knowledge Hub announce partnership and launches second Showcase event

Johanna Pitman

Johanna Pitman

Afiniation (The FinTech Network) is pleased to announce that it has partnered with the Financial Services Knowledge Hub, the NSW Government initiative coordinated by the Committee for Sydney, to drive collaboration across the financial services sector.

“The Financial Services Knowledge Hub and Afiniation share the goal of supporting the growth of Fintech through improving networks and bringing all voices from across the financial services sector together.” Said Johanna Pitman, Deputy CEO of the Committee for Sydney, “Our partnership is therefore a natural fit and we are delighted to be working together with the Hon. Warwick Smith AM, who chairs the board that oversees the collaborative projects of the Financial Services Knowledge Hub.”

In recognition of the new alliance, the coordinator of the Financial Services Knowledge Hub, Johanna Pitman, will join the selection committee of Afiniation, which will elect the 30 presenters at the next Showcase in Melbourne. The committee also includes Howard Treisman (Avoka), Claire Wivell Plater (The Fold Legal), Ben Heap (H2 Ventures), Warrick Lace (NWR Communications) and Annick Donat (BT).

“To build on the partnership, Afiniation is also working with the Financial Services Knowledge Hub to co-host a problem solving workshop for corporates and startups in June,” said Jillian Upton, co-founder of Afiniation.

As part of its Showcase series, Afiniation successfully held an event in Sydney in September, the first in a series that will include Melbourne in April and other capital cities before returning to Sydney.

The Showcase series aims to facilitate engagement between Fintech entrepreneurs and corporations, essentially finding a solution to the challenge of how large businesses discover new solutions and embrace technology that will hopefully change the face of the economy.

“Our Showcase events are about meeting entrepreneurs that not only have innovative ideas, but also tangible products and services that enable their innovations to literally change the way we do business,” said Upton.

Sydney, as the established ‘centre of gravity’ for Australian FinTech, set a new benchmark with the establishment of Stone & Chalk, a collaboration between entrepreneurs, VC’s, corporates and government and it’s a model that’s being adopted across the country. The inclusion of a member of the Financial Services Knowledge Hub on the Afiniation Select Committee enhances a partnership of like-minded organisations and will undoubtedly lead the way to many exciting new partnerships in the Fintech sector.

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