Midwinter paves digital training path – launches ‘Midwinter Academy’

Andrew McClelland

Andrew McClelland

Midwinter has announced that it has launched ‘The Midwinter Academy” – a state-of-the-art digital training portal for its users.

The newly created online training portal will ease the planning software transition process, allowing advisers and their support staff to undertake training specific to their software solution at any time, from anywhere and on any device.

Speaking of the Academy, Chief of Technology and Executive Director, Andrew McClelland said “Over the last ten years we’ve noticed a rapid increase in demand for our users to undertake training and support digitally rather than through traditional methods like written manuals and face to face training days/sessions. Whilst there are already several ways for companies to train users remotely, often these systems can be clunky or complicated and the end user experience isn’t amazing.”

“By creating the Midwinter academy, we have developed a state of the art one stop training shop, where users are able to login into one intuitive, simple and easy to navigate portal. The Academy provides the convenience of having all of Midwinter’s training material located in a one interface for easy access – with several different channels/methods of training delivery available.”

“Recently it has also come to our when Licensees and large practices are transferring from one software to another, one of the biggest hurdles they face during the transition period is training their staff on the new solution. The Midwinter Academy was created as a result of identifying this issue, ensuring that software training undertaken during a transition is done with minimal disturbance to advice businesses.”

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