QuietGrowth introduces multiple reissue of Statement of Advice feature

Dilip Sankarreddy

Dilip Sankarreddy

QuietGrowth, the Automated Investment Manager (AIM) has introduced a new feature that allows clients to modify their personal circumstances, receive a new Statement of Advice, and change their portfolio’s risk tolerance at no extra charge.

The new feature, together with the ‘multiple portfolios’ feature introduced last month, provides investors, and potentially financial advisory firms, with an efficient and flexible way to manage changing investment risk exposure on an ongoing basis. Clients are able to update the risk tolerance of multiple risk portfolios once in a month.

QuietGrowth CEO, Dilip Sankarreddy, said: “Because QuietGrowth is providing an online updated Statement of Advice to its clients for free, it will be simpler and more cost-effective for the client to regularly update their Personal Circumstances and adopt an Investment Program that is in line with their evolving financial situation and goals.”

Krupakara Chinnasani, Director of QuietGrowth Australia, said: “We’re are already the most advanced AIM in Australia and with enhancements like this we’re striving to remain the most advanced. We’re committed to consistently bringing new features to the platform and helping investors manage their risk exposure in a simple, efficient and cost effective way.”

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