WSSA Financial Wellness Index to uncover day-to-day financial reality

Douglas Latto

Douglas Latto

Workplace Super Specialists Australia (WSSA) has partnered with CoreData Research to canvass the views of everyday working Australians on their financial wellness.

Launching its Financial Wellness Index at its annual conference in Sydney on 26 August, the research asks Australians to evaluate their financial confidence, literacy, feelings and attitudes around all things financial.

From the research, the WSSA Financial Wellness Index will uncover findings on:

  • The spending habits of Australians
  • How often Australians worry about money
  • How much net income Australians save each pay cycle
  • Whether Australians struggle to meet their regular mortgage payments
  • Australians expectations on what their retirement will look like at age 65 if they maintain their current level of savings
  • How long Australians estimate they are covered for given their current insurance arrangements

“The WSSA is in a very strong position to access the honest views of a cross-section of the Australian population on all things financial, as we are approaching it from the employee position where Australians feel the impact of their financial wellbeing day-to-day,” says Douglas Latto, Chief Executive Officer, WSSA.

The WSSA is also conducting similar research with employers which could highlight any gaps between what employers feel day-to-day and how informed employers are of these employee attitudes and feelings.

“Australian employers can have a positive impact on the financial wellbeing of Australians through information and programs that can help them to find the solutions they need and are looking for,” says Mr Latto.

The WSSA Conference, which will be held at the Four Seasons in Sydney on 26 August 2016, will also feature Optus Vice President of Human Resources, Vaughan Paul who will explain to attendees how they provide financial education and literacy to their employees and the value they put to it.

To register for the WSSA Conference, visit:

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