knowIT Group acquires Strategy Steps

Wayne Wilson

Wayne Wilson

With an increasing demand for aged care advice solutions, Louise Biti and Assyat David are pleased to announce the sale of Strategy Steps to knowIT group owned by Wayne Wilson, Wendy Tyberek and Andrew Roberts.

This strategic sale allows Louise and Assyat to fully focus on expanding their Aged Care Steps business and will allow a new direction to be taken with Strategy Steps to support its deeper integration into financial planning processes.

knowIT Group is a software product and services company that specialises in online tools and learning for the financial services industry. The Strategy Steps’ online tool Desk Caddie® will form a central component of this business.

Desk Caddie provides practical support in simple English to help develop financial planning strategies for clients. It is accessed by around 4,000 financial advisers, keeping them up-to-date with the latest legislation and news as well as tips to maximise business opportunities in client reviews.

The sale is effective from 1 October 2016 and the existing Strategy Steps team will maintain the content of Desk Caddie for six months to ensure an easy transition and no disruption to the service.

Ms David said they have developed Strategy Steps to a level of maturity and is excited by the future possibilities for the continued development that can be achieved by knowIT.

“If we are to take Aged Care Steps to a position where it can meet its ever growing potential in supporting aged care advice, it needs our full time attention.

“In selling Strategy Steps to knowIT, we are confident it is in the care of a group that has the experience, knowledge and ability to maintain the high levels of strategic analysis that our clients have come to expect as well as further improve and expand the range of services,” Ms David said.

Wayne Wilson, CEO of knowIT Group, said it had looked at a number of elearning and online management systems for financial planners before deciding on the acquisition of Strategy Steps.

“There is no other product like Desk Caddie in the market, and it has no direct competition. It is used by major financial institutions, with 73 corporate clients. It is already used by 4000 planners in Australia, but there is still opportunity to embed Strategy Steps more deeply into the wealth advice market.”

“knowIT intends to redevelop the technology and reach of Strategy Steps to build deeper penetration into the wealth sector as well as to lead the company into new industry segments,” Mr Wilson said.

knowIT Group is a software product and services company that specializes in online tools and learning in the financial services industry.

Strategy Steps is a financial planning support business. Its Desk Caddie® is an online service for advisers that provides practical support to help develop financial planning strategies for clients, provides up to date news, as well as tips for client reviews.

Aged Care Steps focuses on supporting the financial services and aged care communities in relation to advice to older Australians and their families on options for accessing and funding for aged care, both in the home and in residential services.

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