Highlighter gives advisers FinTech solution

Kevin Liao

Kevin Liao

YTML’s (Your Technology Made Lite) Highlighter product is bringing to life adviser’s in-house Excel solutions, giving advisers an accessible platform to enter the FinTech space.

Previously regarded the domain of offshore web app developers, advisers can now partner with YTML’s Highlighter and using their own existing IP, bring their technology solutions to market.

“Highlighter automates the development of a web app,” YTML CEO Kevin Liao said. “As long as advisers have the flow of data entry organised, and they know the outputs they want, we can configure and upload it into Highlighter and convert it into a web app for them.”

To date, Highlighter has been integrated as the platform technology for a number of user-friendly advice web apps. 

2016 IFA Dealer Group of the Year and 2016 CoreData Licensee of the Year, GPS Wealth is an early adopter of Highlighter, using it to refine its onbaording process to a simple three steps and to integrate calculators into their advice process.

“Highlighter has been a real breakthrough for us in terms of enabling our own client engagement tools to reach their full potential,” GPS Wealth Managing Director Grahame Evans said. 

“For two years we tried to achieve what Highlighter did for us in just a matter of days. It has really progressed the Australian tech market and made so much more possible.”

Larger financial service groups are using Highlighter for their technology solutions, integrating it as a hub for fee calculators and other tools where the capability can sit behind the main frame.

“Highlighter is a very flexible, adaptable technology solution, which is in line with the whole YTML philosophy to make technology easy,” Mr Liao said. 

Highlighter has two pricing models, a subscription based monthly fee and a model based on impressions.

“Advisers, accountants and SMSF specialists have so much capability sitting within their practices, and by partnering with technology solutions such as Highlighter, they can use it to funnel client traffic so they can focus on relationship side.”

For more information on Highlighter and how it works, click here

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