YTML aligns with BusinessBlades to form YTML Group

Kevin Liao

Kevin Liao

IT solution provider YTML has joined forces with business effectiveness expert BusinessBlades to form the YTML Group, providing mid-tier practices with a leading and innovative 360-degree business review and solution service.

The rebranded YTML Group will now include YTML Consulting, YTML Solutions and BusinessBlades and provide complete solutions to advice practices looking to deliver a consistent and sustainable service.

YTML holds a strong market position today and views this venture as the next step in the medium term vision.

“This alliance gives practices direct access to technological solutions that partner with the findings of the diagnostic analysis, to create an end-to-end solution,” YTML CEO Kevin Liao said.

“It brings together the capabilities of two great businesses who have a common goal – to enable the delivery of great advice in Australia.”

Formed in 2012, BusinessBlades has been stripping back advice practices to their bare bones and helping them transform and rebuild for greater clarity of purpose.

With strategic consulting at its core, BusinessBlades incorporates analytical tools, pricing and capacity methodology, business and strategic marketing toolkits. Clients can also access tools and processes designed to better engage staff.

According to BusinessBlades Directors Neil O’Grady and Doug Webber, businesses can get to a ‘sweet spot’ if they effectively engage clients, technology and staff.

This ‘sweet spot’ otherwise known as the profit optimisation zone, means the right services are being provided to the right clients for the right price and technology is providing a tailored, efficient and seamless solution. Staff are involved, engaged and motivated.

“We challenge any business that we can find room for improvement in their business that will lead to a more robust, sustainable and viable practice,” O’Grady said. “We see many businesses mistaking a symptom for the problem and try and solve it before they truly know what the problem is.”

They say typically, mid-tier practices have great consulting businesses and great human resources, but these are rarely working in concert.

The YTML Group in conjunction with BusinessBlades gives practices a retention and recruitment strategy and business optimisation that sings from the same song sheet.

“A lot of practices need to think about consistency and the first medium sized licensee that gets that will capture a big chunk of the market,” O’Grady said.

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