YTML Group hits consumer sweet spot with SuiteBox

Kevin Liao

Kevin Liao

YTML Group and SuiteBox have formed a partnership to solve two significant consumer challenges facing financial advisers – the collection and review of data and the scheduling of client meetings.

Using YTML’s Highlighter product, advisers and clients can now manage data capture and review it immediately during their meeting using interactive web forms, creating a more convenient and easy customer experience.

Further, using SuiteBox’s secure digital signing technology and video conferencing, forms and applications can be safely signed and then converted to an agreed contract.

Both of these solutions help build stronger relationships with consumers, eliminating frustrations and time wasting and present advice as a professional, efficient and useful service.

“This partnership represents FinTech businesses at their best,” YTML CEO Kevin Liao said. “Eliminating blockages in our service offering and making advice a smoother, more consumer friendly experience is what will truly progress advice so it is a trusted and valued service.”

According to SuiteBox CEO Ian Dunbar, the advice industry is searching for ways to deliver advice to consumers which is efficient and price effective but also in a way that is easy to understand and recall and acts to protect both the adviser and themselves.

“Technology provides the foundation for disruptive change and delivery,” he said.  “Advisers are rapidly embracing these changes to help consumers on their advice journey, and SuiteBox is very excited to be working with YTML to break through another barrier in their industry.”

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