Super industry expects 2017 to be better than last year


Superannuation INDUSTRY ISSUES 2017

The pace and poignancy of change has certainly heightened in the past few months; spurred on by new leadership in the US, as well as increasingly innovative ways organisations, are using technology. If Amazon (soon to hit our shores in a big way) can sell cars online, while Alibaba has become the world’s biggest e-commerce player from a zero base, what might these organisations – and others – do to disrupt our superannuation and investment industry?

How will you address the major challenges and technological changes we all face?

To better determine what lies ahead, we joined together to snapshot our industry and are pleased to present you with the results Superannuation INDUSTRY ISSUES 2017.

Our research identified several notable trends:

  • 77% of respondents expect this year will be better for them and their organisation
    compared to last year.
  • Organisations are concerned about volatile markets and market returns, digital disruption
    and increasing competition – as well as the affects of Donald Trump.
  • Major risks were identified as market volatility, reputation damage and cyber crime.
  • Few asset allocators have determined what will likely be the best-performing asset classes
    during the Trump era – though expect it will have something to do with infrastructure.
  • 50% of the industry expects to hire more people this year – particularly in sales and
    marketing with modest increases in administration and support staff.
  • The top employee challenges are considered to be cultural fit and helping employees keep
    up with the pace of change.

By asking where the industry is heading, drawing a line in the sand and then working together we can better overcome the coming challenges and maximise opportunities for us all – whether as an asset owner, manager or investor.

Read the Report.

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