Six tips to help protect your business from the latest global cyber security breach


Over the weekend, you may have read or heard about the global “ransom-ware” cyber-attack that has hit over 150 countries. Our industry is in not immune to what has happened and many Australian advice, superannuation and accountancy businesses will be susceptible to this “cyber attack” as more malicious variations appear.

The good news is Midwinter has in no way been affected by this attack due to the stringent protocols we have in place.

Your advice and accountancy businesses are likely to store a large amount of personal client data in all number of spreadsheets and documents. If that data was suddenly to become inaccessible this could be a business ending moment for you.

Don’t believe me?

Here is a live attack map of the “ransom-ware” attack hitting Australian businesses in real time.

Trust me, Australians are being hit!

Simple tips to avoid disaster

Here are some simple tips to help avoid becoming a victim of the hack that has put many businesses back into the stone age.


Walk around to every computer and server in your office NOW and ensure that you have turned on all windows updates.

To do this, click Start, type “Windows update” in the search box, and then click Windows Update in the Programs list. Reboot your system immediately after updates are installed.

The specific patch that Microsoft recommend installing can be found here.

This patch closes the backdoor that the cyber-attackers use to hack your system.


Perform Tip #1 for every RDP (REMOTE DESKTOP) that you or your company uses.


Install Malwarebytes. Pay the extra cost for the Premium version. Don’t skimp.

Tip #4 – Install an anti-virus

I like Kaspersky. If you already have Kaspersky installed, manually run a scan for critical areas and if the solution detects any malware then you should reboot your system.

Tip #5 – Backup

Take a backup of your important data. Put it on a portable hard drive. Unplug it and take it home with you.

Tip #6 – Upload and manage all your important client documents into AdviceOS

We have a team of cyber security experts constantly managing information security risks. Documents in AdviceOS will not be impacted by this security hack.

“But this sort of thing never happens to me, mate…”

That’s what these people thought, too.

Remember when it comes to cyber security, the following saying rings true – “Only the paranoid survive.”

By Julian Plummer

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