YTML and Budget on same page


Kevin Liao

YTML welcomes the announcements made overnight in the Federal Budget regarding the Government’s commitment to create an environment where fintech businesses can flourish in Australia.

According to YTML CEO Kevin Liao, the backing by the Government to help position Australia as a world-leader in innovation and FinTech, reinforces its own philosophy to actively work and collaborate with other fintech providers to deliver great business solutions.

“We want a robust, innovative and dynamic Australian fintech industry so it can work with the Australian financial services sector,” he said.

“The measures announced overnight by the Government to extend crowd-sourced equity funding and to enhance the regulatory testing of products and services without a licence including the provision of more holistic financial advice, are strongly aligned with our own philosophy to encourage new entrants, to collaborate and partner, to create the best solutions for the Australian financial services industry.”

Both measures will reduce regulatory hurdles which have often stifled new businesses trying to develop innovative financial products or services, pushing Australian fintech talent offshore.

“YTML has built a solid reputation as being a provider who can see the big picture, focus in on the key issues and meet challenges head on,” said Liao. “We are so excited to be part of a progressive and healthy fintech industry.”

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