Equity Trustees appointed RE to Melbourne-based JCP Investment Partners


Harvey Kalman

Equity Trustees has been appointed the responsible entity (RE) for employee-owned JCP Investment Partners, a research-driven, growth-oriented Australian equities fund manager.

JCP was founded in 1998 and up until now has only managed investments for the institutional market. The launch of two new funds, offered via Equity Trustees, now opens the door to retail investors.

JCP has selected two strategies for the funds: The Small Companies Long Short Strategy is relatively unique among small cap managers, in that the strategy has the ability to take advantage of both long and short small cap investment opportunities. The Absolute Return Strategy focuses on capital preservation by dynamically managing the cash equity allocation within the portfolio to protect capital through the cycle. This strategy also leverages JCP’s proprietary investment universe and the insight this provides in assessing whether the market is cheap or expensive at any point in time.

“JCP has a well-established reputation in the institutional market where it offers six investment strategies,” said Harvey Kalman, Executive General Manager, Corporate Trustee Services, Equity Trustees.

“Its decision to launch two of these funds into the retail market is an exciting development, and Equity Trustees is pleased to be the RE for this dual offering.

“As RE, we take responsibility to ensure the fund operates within the legal framework for retail products, giving investors the certainty they need that their investment’s governance structure is secure. It relieves JCP of all the administrative detail and enables them to remain totally focussed on their investment strategy.

“These two funds will benefit from having Australia’s leading independent RE provider with nearly 20 years’ experience, offering convenience and deep industry knowledge about all the compliance and regulatory issues involved in overseeing a fund.”

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