Lonsec Research to power Synchron’s financial advice


Matt Olsen

Lonsec Research has partnered with Synchron to provide investment research and consulting services to Australia’s largest non-institutionally owned financial advice group.

Synchron’s financial advisers will harness investment product research, market insights, and portfolio construction tools via Lonsec Research’s leading iRate platform, adding to Synchron’s financial advice capability.

“We are incredibly excited to be working with Synchron and to be supporting Australia’s largest group of non-aligned financial advisers,” said Lonsec Research CEO Matt Olsen. “Our focus is on delivering a solution that matches the depth and sophistication of Synchron’s financial advice, while providing them with the cutting-edge tools they need to create better investment outcomes for their clients.”

As Synchron’s preferred investment research provider, Lonsec Research will provide its full suite of financial product research, including managed funds and direct equities analysis, as well as specialised investment consulting services to enhance Synchron’s Approved Product List (APL).

“We’re pleased to be supported by the depth and experience of Lonsec’s investment research team,” said Synchron Director John Prossor. “Lonsec’s superior portfolio tools mean Synchron is best placed to continue to meet client demand for higher-value financial advice and tailored investment solutions.”

Lonsec Research’s iRate platform remains number one among financial advisers and dealer groups. iRate’s time-series portfolios allow users to analyse investment performance where changes have been made to holdings or asset allocation over time, and users can filter financial products by a range of qualitative investment objective criteria to create tailored solutions.

“We are continually evolving our investment research and tools to meet the new challenges and opportunities within the financial advice industry,” said Mr Olsen. “Our goal is to ensure financial advisers are best equipped to deliver for their clients now and into the future.”

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