Quantifeed launches model portfolio of the most valued brands in the US market


Gaudi Schneider

Quantifeed, Asia’s leading provider of B2B digital wealth management solutions, has announced today the launch of a new model portfolio of the most valued brands in the world.

The Most Valuable Brands US strategy consists of a quantitative selection of US-listed companies with strong brands that consumers value most and with which they are most familiar.

To identify these brands, Quantifeed ranks companies by their brand value, defined as intellectual property, trademarks and icons. Given the relevance the strategy gives to brand value, the model portfolio has a higher representation of sectors that are highly visible to consumers, such as consumer staples and technology.

Household names such as Facebook, Amazon, Alphabet, AT&T, Toyota and Walmart are represented in the current portfolio.

“It is often said that a person should only own stocks of companies whose products they know and understand.  Investors may feel a strong connection to a portfolio when it contains familiar brands of products and services they know and use. This strategy can also work to the advantage of financial advisors who may be looking for straightforward ways to engage clients in investment discussions,” said Gaudi Schneider, Senior Quantitative Strategist at Quantifeed.

The Most Valuable Brands US strategy is up 16.8% year to date, outperforming the broad US stock market by 5.3%.

Graeme Brant, Senior Executive for Strategic Partnerships at Quantifeed, said, “The products and services provide by these companies are part of our daily lives, and they represent of the largest companies traded in the US.”

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