GAM Systematic wins a new mandate in Australia


GAM yesterday announced the win of a new Australian mandate for its GAM Systematic Alternative Risk Premia offering. CommInsure, one of Australia’s leading life insurance companies, plans to invest over AUD 300 million in a mandate that will manage a diversified portfolio of risk premia.

GAM Systematic’s alternative risk premia portfolios typically target around 15 risk premia strategies across the style categories of value, momentum and carry. The team uses a disciplined research process to design, systematically implement and trade the various risk premia.

Anthony Lawler, co-head of GAM Systematic, said: “We see continued strong interest in our product offering managed by GAM’s alternative risk premia team led by Lars Jaeger. Our highly disciplined research approach, honed over many years, focuses on designing well-structured risk premia with a focus on low cost implementation. GAM Systematic brings solutions to the table that are uncorrelated to the global bond and equity markets over the cycle, and that is clearly something that our clients seek in today’s environment.”

Lars Jaeger, head of alternative risk premia, said: “We are honoured to be selected by CommInsure for this mandate. With 13 years’ experience in alternative risk premia design, implementation and trading, our team has created a portfolio of strategies and styles that shows high stability in very different market environments. We utilise in-house developed expected drawdown-based portfolio optimisation methods to manage risk, in order to reconcile our clients’ return objectives with their desire for capital protection.”

Rossen Djounov, GAM’s head of Asia, added: “Australia is a very important region for GAM and we are glad to see it grow both in terms of assets we manage for local clients as well as the further diversification of our product offering. With this new mandate, GAM now manages over AUD 4 billion for Australian clients, who benefit from our expertise in absolute return, traditional and systematic  investment strategies. We remain committed to the Australian market and continue to build long-term partnerships with our clients here.”

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