Equity Trustees appointed RE and Trustee to Sydney-based Supervised Investments Australia Limited


Harvey Kalman

Equity Trustees has been appointed the responsible entity (RE) and trustee for Sydney-based, fund manager Supervised Investments Australia Limited (SIAL).

In December 2007, SIAL launched a small-cap equities fund, which focuses on listed Australian companies with a market capitalisation of less than $150 million. This was followed in April 2009 by a fixed income fund investing in the global debt markets.

Equity Trustees will act as RE for the Supervised Global Income Fund investing predominantly in unlisted domestic and global debt securities, available to institutional, wholesale and retail investors.  Its investment objective is to out-perform the Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index plus 2.5% p.a.

Additionally, Equity Trustees will act as Trustee for The Supervised Fund, an unregistered fund investing predominantly in listed equities available to wholesale investors only.  This Fund aims to provide an annual return which outperforms the benchmark of 5% p.a. while minimising the risk of a permanent loss of capital.

“Equity Trustees has an excellent reputation in the funds management industry, and was selected after a detailed review process,” said Michael Ohlsson, CEO of Supervised Investments.

Harvey Kalman, Executive General Manager, Corporate Trustee Services, Equity Trustees, said: “We are pleased to be appointed RE and Trustee for this dual offering.

“As RE and Trustee, we take responsibility to ensure the funds operate within the legal frameworks, giving investors the certainty they need that their investment is secure and relieving SIAL of much of the compliance and regulatory work associated with funds management. It frees up SIAL to focus on their investment strategy.

“These two funds will benefit from having Australia’s leading independent RE and Trustee provider with nearly 20 years’ experience, offering convenience and deep industry knowledge about all the compliance and regulatory issues involved in overseeing a fund,” Mr Kalman concluded.

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