launches client retention service for financial planners


Concept of finance investment planning, analytics Information in the form of a graph or diagram with growth report on mobile device. Successful business. Flat design vector illustration. has introduced it’s ActiveLEAD service which assists client retention of financial planners when existing clients are making important decisions about their properties. ActiveLEAD will simply notify planners when any of the clients in their database are selling their properties.

That’s it. This SMS notification then allows the planner to contact this client and potentially arrange for another plan since the client’s financial situation is obviously changing. The client may be downsizing and, thus, have additional assets to allocate to shares, super, insurance, etc., or to buy an investment property.

Or the client may be selling an investment property. Client retention is becoming a larger issue for financial planners. The ‘Investment Trends 2017 Financial Advice Report’ outlines that planners are, on average, losing 3 clients for every 2 new clients resulting in 25% less overall clients than in 2007. This fact despite a 15% increase since last year in the number of Australians wishing to use a financial planner within 2 years. The figures are at odds with each other which shows a disconnect in how the public perceive their services and the reality of such services.

ActiveLEAD will help the financial planner retain their relevancy in the financial decisions of their clients. Spectrem’s Millionaire Corner did a study in 2014 on which factors could make clients leave their financial advisors and the 3 top answers were: 1) Not returning phone calls in a timely manner (61%), 2) Not being proactive in contacting the client (53%), and 3) Not returning emails in a timely manner (46%).

Say an established planner has 1,000 clients in their database which is uploaded to ActiveLEAD. If the average householder sells their home every 10 years, then this is 100 qualified leads per year and the planner will, on average, get an ActiveLEAD notification every 4 days.

“Not only do clients expect financial planners to understand and research the current markets and trends, but they expect the planner to be on-top of the client’s changing financial position. ActiveLEAD gives the planner this ability when clients are actively making some of the biggest financial decisions of their lives”, says Eric Handbury, Director of

A 2013 PriceMetrix study found that client retention for financial planners decreases sharply from 95% to 74% during the 1st to 4th year period. will help planners demonstrate the value they provide during this critical period.

ActiveLEAD is part of a larger trend of technology providers to use the power of industry/government/societal data to assist finance professionals in serving and protecting their client base. We’ve only scratched the surface.

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