AIA Australia launches Australia’s Healthiest Workplace 2018

Damien Mu

Damien Mu

AIA Australia has announced the launch of the Australia’s Healthiest Workplace Survey 2018 by AIA Vitality.

It is the first science-based workplace survey in Australia that examines employee lifestyle, clinical indicators, stress and mental health, to understand the associated impact on wellbeing and productivity at an individual and company level.

Damien Mu, CEO of AIA Australia and New Zealand, said: “We at AIA Australia are proud to be launching Australia’s Healthiest Workplace for the second year. Promoting employee health and wellbeing is an important opportunity to have a positive impact on the lives of 12 million working Australians. It also supports organisations across Australia looking to create a more productive and engaging workplace, and it has a significant impact to business performance as it can save companies millions of dollars: Our inaugural survey in 2017 found that on average there is a productivity loss of 43 working days per employee surveyed every year in Australia, resulting in an average productivity loss of $10 million per employer per year*.”

He added: “Through the survey, employers receive a comprehensive report that supports employers by benchmarking, providing insights and trends over time to help improve business productivity while also improving wellbeing in the workplace. Ultimately, this will serve our goal of helping Australia to become the healthiest and most protected nation in the world, and Australians to live healthier, longer, better lives.”

Australia’s Healthiest Workplace is free and open for companies with at least 20 employees to register here until 30 May. After registration, employees will need to complete the survey by 29 June. The results will be analysed with respect to health trends in the workplace to discover Australia’s Healthiest Employer, Healthiest Employees and Healthiest Workplace. The winners will be announced end of 2018.

Each participating employer will receive a comprehensive ‘Organisational Report’ which includes the findings from both employer and employee responses. AIA also provide each participating employee a personal overview of their health and wellbeing in terms of lifestyle, clinical indicators, mental health, stress and other areas that may concern them, as well as an individual report detailing their unique AIA Vitality Age.

The survey is run by AIA Group and participating AIA markets with RAND Europe as a dedicated research and analysis partner. More information about AIA Vitality can be found on the AIA Vitality website, and further information about Australia’s Healthiest Workplace by AIA Vitality can be found at

*Source: Healthiest Workplace Survey by AIA Vitality 2017 across Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore

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