FinaMetrica & AdviserLogic join forces to offer a simple best practice risk profiling solution


Daniel Gara

FinaMetrica, the pre-eminent global provider of risk tolerance assessment tools, has announced an integration with AdviserLogic, Australia, provider of cloud based client relationship management (CRM) systems for financial advisors.

The integration will allow advisors using the AdviserLogic CRM to quickly and accurately assess a client’s risk tolerance score via both FinaMetrica’s 25 and short 12 (soon to be 10) question psychometric risk tolerance profilers. AdviserLogic CRM users can launch FinaMetrica directly from a contact record from January 1, 2018. Joint webinar sessions will shortly be announced.

AdviserLogic Group’s co-founder and CEO Daniel Gara said the deal with FinaMetrica “allows our mutual advisors the ability to streamline delivery of their risk profiling tools to clients as well as to monitor risk tolerance directly from the AdviserLogic CRM. The ability to simplify the delivery of Client Risk Assessments and sync data with AdviserLogic CRM can only enhance conversations surrounding client suitability.”

Paul Resnik, FinaMetrica’s co-founder, said that advisors will now be able to offer best practice risk profiling to their clients.  “We believe this integration will appeal to advisors and advisory networks seeking a valid, reliable and defensible suitability process. FinaMetrica has been at the forefront of risk profiling for almost 20 years. Our system has been tested and proven accurate through several market corrections by thousands of the world’s best financial advisers,” he said.

“Our subscribers want us to integrate with other main stream service suppliers. This is the first through our new application program interface (API) in Australia, which allows AdviserLogic to link directly to FinaMetrica’s website to synchronise client data. We are working on several other integrations which we will be announcing shortly.”

FinaMetrica’s risk report allows investors to see how they have answered questions differently from the hundreds of thousands others who have also completed the profile. The ensuing conversations with advisors provides an easy platform for those using AdviserLogic to explore any mismatches between the risk the investor needs to take to achieve their goals and risk tolerance.

In 2016, FinaMetrica unveiled a collaboration with portfolio stress tester RiXtrema of New York, which allows advisors to directly link their clients’ FinaMetrica risk tolerance score to their portfolios. FinaMetrica also has integrations in place with MoneyGuidePro and IPSAdvisorPro in USA, and Prestwood and Voyant in the U.K.

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