SUPERCentral announces launch of estate planning tool Ask.Will™


Peter Townsend

SUPERCentral has announced it would be launching a first-to-market, estate planning tool, Ask.Will™

Ask.Will is a new client support service that helps Advisors to open estate planning discussions with their client, through a simplified process that provides clear directions on the key areas that a client needs to consider in the development of an effective estate plan.

Ask.Will is a highly effective online process consisting of 10 key questions about a client’s situation and takes less than five minutes to complete.  Ask.Will then takes into consideration the client’s family structure and relationships, assets, commercial structures and superannuation and provides an estate planning summary document with clear directions on the key areas that the client needs to consider in the development of an effective estate plan.

SUPERCentral Managing Director, Peter Townsend, said, “Our experience has shown that some aspects of estate planning can often seem complex. Ask.Will helps Advisors to open this important discussion with their clients and to significantly simplify the estate planning process.

“We are delighted to introduce Ask.Will and to deliver a truly customer first solution for accountants, advisers and their clients.

“We are living through a tectonic shift in the dynamics of holistic financial advice, which is giving advisers and accountants a strong opportunity to build even deeper client relationships and to deliver thoughtful and considered “whole of wealth” value to their clients.  And despite historic perceptions that estate plans are the domain of high net worth clients, advisers are increasingly realising that estate planning is important for their whole client base.

“Ask.Will is designed to assist advisors in providing tailored estate planning considerations for their clients in an efficient user-friendly manner”.

“We see Ask.Will as a technology based complement to the array of tools an adviser has access to today, particularly within a ‘client best interest’ frame of reference. We understand the need to overcome the consumer’s perception of complexity and the challenges that Advisors sometimes meet in estate planning conversations and the need to help clients easily access estate planning advice.

“Our significant investment in establishing Ask.Will will enable estate planning to become more mainstream. We are really pleased with the positive feedback of key clients that we shared the prototype with.

“Ask.Will is the natural next step in practice efficiency, providing advisers and licensees the opportunity for scale, the ability to be more responsive and the capacity to have more personalised estate planning discussions with their clients” said Mr Townsend.

By Peter Townsend, Managing Director

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