Synchron launches new app for advisers

Michael Harrison

Michael Harrison

In its quest to further leverage technology for the benefit of its advisers, Synchron has unveiled a second smart phone app.

Called the Synchron Prof Development app, it follows on the heels of the Synchron Conference app launched last year.

Similar to the Conference app, the PD day app allows advisers to view and register for PD events, see the agenda, see who amongst their peers is attending, scan attendance details, give feedback on speakers and complete polls during the event. It also automatically allocates continuing education credits to advisers who attend.

Synchron Chair, Michael Harrison, said the launch of a second app demonstrates Synchron’s ongoing commitment to using technology to continue delivering value to its network of advisers.

“Any technology we develop or embrace must pass the Synchron smart test,” he said. “This means it must increase business efficiency, solve a business problem or in some other way improve life for advisers and/or their clients. We are big fans of technology but this is the lens through which we look at it.”

The Synchron Prof Development app passes the smart test because it helps advisers prepare for PD days ahead of time, makes giving feedback an easy process and automates the collation of education points.

The app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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