DomaCom completes $2.95 million capital raise

Arthur Naoumidis

Arthur Naoumidis

DomaCom is pleased to announce that it has secured $2.95 Million in funding through the issue of a Convertible Security to the Thundering Herd Fund No.1 and Thundering Herd Pty Ltd (together “Thundering Herd”), a Melbourne-based institutional investor

The Convertible Security has a two year term paying an annual 15% coupon rate on a quarterly basis with a conversion price of 15 cents per note.

DomaCom CEO, Arthur Naoumidis said, “It is pleasing that we have found an Australian institutional investor that is truly a high conviction investor to help us deliver on our potential. This funding completes a key part of our recapitalisation strategy and positions the company well to leverage from our recent Full Federal Court and ASIC milestones.”

“We are now able to focus on delivering several world leading solutions to two key problems facing many people in the Australia – housing affordability and funding retirement lifestyles.”

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