Nanuk New World Fund returned 4.9% in January 2019

Dan Powell

Dan Powell

The Nanuk New World Fund returned 4.9% in January, outperforming traditional global equity benchmarks such as the MSCI ACWI which rose by 4.2% (all returns quoted in AUD unless specifically stated otherwise).

Some points covered in the report:

  • Which country recently announced a hugely ambitious target of 500GW of renewable generating capacity by 2030.  (Note: 1GW is the typical capacity of a large coal or nuclear fired power station).
  • The CEO of the world’s leading offshore wind turbine manufacturer said the offshore wind sector was at a tipping point: 400 turbines expected to be built by the company in 2019 – more than the previous 8 years combined.
  • California’s largest utility filed for bankruptcy protection: it had over US$70bn in assets at its last reporting date.
  • Sectors expected to see strong growth in 2019.

Please follow this link for the latest Fund report (PDF).

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