Xplore Wealth unveiled as a new brand symbolising growth and focus for Managed Accounts


One of Australia’s leading independent platform providers and investment administrators, Managed Accounts Holdings Ltd (ASX: MGP) will rebrand to Xplore Wealth Ltd (ASX: XPL) (Xplore Wealth) subject to shareholders’ approval.

This strong brand was chosen to reflect the company’s universal growth purpose and underline its offering as a leading independent investment platform solution for wealth management professionals.

The brand refresh will be accompanied by a program to familiarise the market and clients on its integrated offering and competitiveness to service advisers and their clients’ needs.

“The directors believe that the business is well placed for growth.  Our renewed focus is on offering advisers and their clients a world of investments within a diverse, but simple platform solution,” said Xplore Wealth Chairman Peter Brook.

Xplore Wealth offers investment platform solutions to meet all business models, including superannuation and non-superannuation, discretionary and non-discretionary, custodial and non-custodial, self-managed or adviser-managed portfolios and international or domestic shares. The firm will also shortly launch both a superannuation and non-superannuation Wrap solution.

“As business and industry challenges become more complex, we seek to offer our customers the opportunity to purpose-build the business solutions that best suit them and their clients, backed by access to a diversity of asset classes, transparent fees and competitive structures and an integrated platform solution,” said Mr Brook.

“The new brand also underpins a consolidation and simplification of our market offering. Xplore Wealth will partner with its clients with agility, decisiveness and flexibility to deliver investment management solutions that fundamentally support their businesses and growth opportunities and their own clients’ needs and aspirations.”

Xplore Wealth recently made several key strategic acquisitions, appointments and management changes which have enabled the business to extend its offering and refocus its efforts on client delivery and shareholder returns.

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