New customer self-serve portal helps drive adviser efficiency and focus


Tim Howell

 Zurich has launched a new on demand, self-serve portal for life insurance, superannuation and investment clients.

The My Zurich portal will offer a new level of self-serve convenience for clients, at the same time helping drive greater adviser efficiency by streamlining non-core client administration tasks.

These tasks, including changing address, updating credit card details and downloading tax statements and other policy related documents, can now be done quickly and easily by Zurich policyholders through the mobile optimised My Zurich service. The Zurich data-feed solution also ensures any client-initiated updates are quickly visible to advisers.

The portal was built in conjunction with end users, with extensive consumer testing revealing the most common points of engagement policyholders had with their life cover.

“Through talking to clients and advisers we identified a number of engagement points to focus on, based on their frequency and perceived inconvenience,” said Tim Howell, Head of Propositions for Zurich’s Life & Investments business.

“Clients now expect a convenient, simple self-serve experience across all their service providers. By offering the same accessibility and ease of use that they enjoy in other areas, we’re hoping to improve the extent to which they engage with and appreciate the value of their life insurance.

“Everyone can relate to the dread of an expiring credit card, and the raft of direct debits you need to change as a result. However, what previously may have taken several hours and many phone calls can now in many instances, be accomplished with a few mouse clicks, at any time of day or night.

“This is the experience clients expect and this is now the experience they can enjoy with Zurich Life Insurance,” said Howell.

By providing options for clients to self-serve for simple administrative transactions, the My Zurich portal will ultimately allow advisers to focus on the value they add to clients.

“Advisers have a lot on their plate, with cost and time pressures challenging their ability to focus on their core purpose. By reducing the burden around administrative tasks and by delivering engaging and rewarding propositions to discuss with clients, we want to help advisers drive efficiencies and enrich the experience they deliver to their clients,” said Howell.

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