3 reasons why you aren’t receiving more client referrals


If you want quality leads put your energy into introductions.

We all know that the ideal client is likely to be introduced to your business through someone else whether that is a family member, friend, co-worker or a trusted professional source. However, I can tell you through the research that I do; you aren’t getting all the client referrals they say they will send you.

Everyone has good intentions, but everyone is busy.

Below are some of the reasons why you are being forgotten and not receiving the referrals they said they would send:

1. No referral plan

Sitting opposite your client they mention they have a friend who they think could benefit from your advice. You say great thanks. 80% of the time there is no conversation about how you and their friend are going to get in contact with each other. Connect the dots there and then and agree with your client about the best way forward. Don’t feel awkward about it; its business.

2. No information

Sitting opposite your client they say that yes they have a friend who could also benefit from your advice and they’ll make sure they mention your name when they see them next. They forget to mention your name because that’s life BUT if you’d given them your latest brochure, e-book, report or something that can be passed on they have less chance of forgetting to mention you. Even better, you email your client with the marketing collateral for them to email on – or you do it if you have their details. This positions you as an expert, thought leader, whatever you want to call it, the important piece is to have something of value for them to pass on to their friend. You might even scribble your direct contact line on the front – yes it’s probably in the material that’s not the point! The point is you make an effort to make it easy for them to call you!

3. Lousy website

80% of the people who meet you for the first time will Google your name, even if a trusted person has referred you. Why? Because that’s what we all do now because we can! Your website fails to impress. It fails to inform what you do, who you do it for and why they should choose you. They know they need to seek advice, but they’re not impressed and merely forget at it.

I know lots of Advisers who are being contacted by supposed Facebook experts at the moment who promise to deliver 15-20 client leads per week – it’s a scam. If you want quality leads, clients who will take your advice and pay your professional fees, please put your energy into introductions [referrals] and once you’ve completely nailed that then look at Facebook campaigns, if you’ve got something to offer that is.

By Rachel Staggs

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