Pengana WHEB sustainable investing report shows positive impact of investments


George Latham

Pengana Capital Group Limited (ASX: PCG) has released the latest Pengana WHEB Sustainable Investing Impact Report ‘Prosperity with Purpose’, which quantifies the positive impact associated with investing in companies that are enabling and benefitting from the transition to a low carbon and more sustainable economy.

WHEB Asset Management (‘WHEB’) (UK), a boutique investment house focused exclusively on sustainable investing, is at the forefront of sustainable and impact investing globally, and plays an active role in many of the organisations leading the thinking in this investment space.

WHEB is the investment manager of the Pengana WHEB Sustainable Impact Fund (the ‘Fund’) and has run the same strategy in the UK for more than 13 years. The Fund holds 50-70 stocks, with a typical holding period of four to seven years. It only invests in companies that produce goods and services that address the challenges of sustainability, thereby generating a positive social or environmental impact.

George Latham, Managing Partner, WHEB said: “Population growth, resource scarcity, environmental degradation, and a myriad of social issues are increasingly motivating investors to examine the social and environmental impact of companies and how these businesses adapt and respond to these investor pressures.”

WHEB has identified critical environmental and social challenges facing the world over the next 30 years, and invests in a range of companies that provide solutions to these challenges based on nine sustainable investment themes (see below).

WHEB’s nine sustainability themes: Markets with strong long-term growth potential

  • Resource Efficiency
  • Environmental Services
  • Water Management
  • Sustainable Transport
  • Education
  • Safety
  • Health
  • Well-being
  • Cleaner Energy

WHEB is committed to measuring and reporting the impact of its investments and the Impact Calculator enables investors to track the positive impact associated with their investment in the Fund.

For example, $100,000 invested in the Fund through 2018 helped avoid 44 tonnes of COemissions, treated 553,000 litres of waste water, recycled 11 tonnes of waste materials, provided 7 days of tertiary education, and supported 6 people in receiving healthcare treatment, preventative care and/or healthy living programs.

Adam Myers, Executive Director at Pengana Capital Group said: “We have received consistent feedback from financial advisers and investors that ethical, sustainable and responsible investing is a priority to them. This trend is growing, and investors are becoming more savvy in how they assess the sustainable investment opportunities now available to them. The transparency that WHEB provide enables investors to make a tangible connection between their investments and the positive impact that investment can make”.

The ‘Prosperity with Purpose’ report and impact calculator can be accessed at

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