OpenSparkz co-founder wins Fintech Leader of the Year Award


Debra Taylor

Debra Taylor, the co-founder of OpenSparkz, the globally awarded loyalty enablement platform, said she was honoured to have been named Fintech Leader of the Year at the 2019 Women in Finance Awards.

The Awards are dedicated to recognising the outstanding women shaping and influencing the financial services industry. The Fintech Leader of the Year category recognises a female member of the fintech community who has demonstrated a commitment to innovation, thought leadership and lifting the number of women working in fintech.

Ms Taylor is serial entrepreneur, Stone and Chalk board member and a committed investor in the industry.

“I have long had a deep and abiding passion for the fintech ecosystem,” she said. “I have spent 25 years getting various start-ups off the ground, going back to before this innovative sector was ever labelled ‘fintech’.”

The award also serves as recognition for Ms Taylor’s role as mentor to many company founders, both in fintech and other industries, being often sought after as a panelist to share her valuable experience and knowledge.

Ms Taylor noted that, while not easy, it had been a rewarding journey. “Being a woman in fintech, the challenges and opportunities are plentiful. But I’ve always enjoyed being ‘at the coal face’ and having to depend on my persistence and resilience.”

The award comes as OpenSparkz continues to make impressive headway as a startup. Plans for a significant Asian expansion are about to bear fruit, while another capital raising is a near-term prospect.

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